Run, Don’t Walk, to the DX

As you may suspect, CanadaFashionLaw gets invited to a number of fashion events. Always eager to share the fashion wealth, we delight in keeping you in tune with the noteworthy events. Do we have a jem for you?!

Over the summer, Toronto’s Design Exchange is hosting a Christian Louboutin exhibition. The exhibition includes rows upon rows of delicious shoe goodness. More than that, the exhibition canvasses his life and shows examples of how shoes are created from the conception phase to final product. It really provides an impressive and interesting perspective into the art behind the notorious brand.

As if this wasn’t delectable enough, the DX was smart enough to bring in one of Toronto’s premier PR and Communications agencies: Faulhaber Communications, who has spearheaded the Grand Soiree Thursdays events in conjunction with Grand Marnier. Fashionistas can peruse the collection, whilst being serenaded by the digital beats of a DJ and sipping on a smooth Grand Marnier cocktail (which goes down like butter!).

So run, don’t walk, as fast as your stilettos will carry you to the exhibition and make sure you keep your calendar open on July 18th, August 15th and September 12th for the Grand Soiree Thursdays event.

Also, if you’re interested in hearing more about the Christian Louboutin v. Yves Saint Laurent case, CanadaFashionLaw will be hosting an event at the DX on September 10. Come by and say hi!

Louboutin Struts its Stuff Again

Following his dubious win against YSL, Louboutin continues to defend his rights to red-bottomed soled shoes in the New York courtrooms. Louboutin is keeping the NY IP bar busy this summer by launching two separate lawsuits against Alba Footwear and Charles Jourdan within a week of each other.

Fashion Tidbits

After a little hiatus, CanadaFashionLaw is back and, mon dieu, do we have some stuff to chat about!

1.  Galliano Makes a Come Back


You may recall Galliano’s fall from grace after his MAJOR fashion faux pas – hurling racist comments. (Click here if you need a reminder).  After two years of radio silence, Galliano may be making a come back.  Oscar de la Renta, the master of the red carpet, is allowing Galliano to use some of this studio space on a temporary basis.  It will be interesting to see whether Galliano will be accepted again.


2. Christian Louboutin and Yves Saint Laurent Continue their Stomp Off


If you had the slightest interest in shoes, the colour red or fashion law last year, I’m pretty sure you heard about the Christian Louboutin v. Yves Saint Laurent case. (Click here for all the juicy details). Although the court released its decision and Louboutin chose not to appeal, this matter has not been put to bed.  As per the decision, Louboutin is required to amend the colour claim in its trade-mark registration. The parties are now embroiled in a chain of letters to and from the US Patent and Trademarks Office about how exactly the colour claim should be revised.  Who said being a fashion lawyer wasn’t fun?


3. Ford Modelling Agency Closes its Toronto Office


In a surprise announcement, esteemed modelling agency Ford Models closed its Toronto office in January 2013.  Ford Models did not issue a press release and there is no indication as to why the Toronto office was closed.  Nonetheless, Toronto’s competing modelling agencies were quick to swoop in to sign those models who had been signed to Ford Models.


4. CanadaFashionLaw Struts its Stuff


CanadaFashionLaw has some exciting things coming up.  If you’re interested in getting up to speed on all things fashion, the following may interest you:


– We’ll be featured in the style edition of The University of Toronto’s alumni magazine talking about the bigger ramifications of counterfeiting;


– As a board member of the Toronto chapter of Fashion Group International, we’ll be hosting a 4-part roundtable series on laws relevant to the fashion industry.


– In April, we’ll be speaking at the John Marshall Law School in Chicago at their Fashion Law Society conference.


– In May, we’re hosting a roundtable seminar at the International Trademarks Association’s Annual General Meeting on fashion law, (which sold out on the first day.  That’s right – we did a happy dance!)


If this is any indication, 2013 is going to be a busy year!