Toronto Fashion Week – March 2013

Ladies and gentlemen. I have a little Valentine’s Day gift for you, albeit one day late. Toronto’s fashion week, World’s MasterCard Fashion Week, has issued its schedule for the Fall/Winter 2013 line. For full details, go to


We continue to see some recurring talent (Pink Tartan, Joe Fresh, Vawk, Bustle, Rudsak, Sid Neigum), which is fantastic!  It’s also great to see crowd-pleasing Korhani return to the catwalk. (Korhani is actually a carpet and rug designer that uses Toronto’s fashion weeks to show case how beautiful their carpet designs are. The sheer creativity is impressive!)


A special shout out goes to Toronto Fashion Incubator and Fashion Group International, who both made it on to the official schedule.  Toronto Fashion Incubator is hosting two Press and Buyer lunches; Fashion Group International is co-hosting a speed networking event. CanadaFashionLaw regularly supports both organizations and delights in seeing them try to raise Canada’s fashion industry to the next level.


Let us know if you’re going to be at any of the shows. We hope to see you there!


Speaking Engagements on Fashion Law

The summer is over and tans are starting to fade.  September came with a vengeance and is almost over.  It’s been a busy time here at CanadaFashionLaw and it appears that it is only going to get more busy.  But we love all things fashionably legal and so we’re up for the challenge.


Below is a quick summary of a number of speaking engagements coming up for CanadaFashionLaw owner, author and operator, Ashlee Froese:

  • Presenting at the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada on October 12, 2012 in Vancouver, British Columbia on protection fashion designs in Canada through intellectual property laws;
  • Speaking at the Queen’s Business Forum on the Fashion Industry on November 2, 2012 in Kingston, Ontario on laws affecting the fashion industry;
  • Hosting a legal roundtable series on laws affecting the fashion industry throughout 2012 and 2013 with the Fashion Group International – Toronto Chapter;
  • Hosting a roundtable discussion at the International Trademarks Association in Dallas, Texas on May 8, 2013 on Navigating Through Non-Traditional Trade-Marks and Industrial Design to Protect Fashion Designs.

If you’re interested in attending any or all of these events, please feel free to reach out for further information.

There’s a New Retail Sheriff in Town

As the days get colder, the nights get longer and our cravings for hot chocolate with Baileys and whipped cream heighten, so does our need to find a good book.  Thanks to a recent event hosted by Fashion Group International’s Toronto chapterCanadaFashionLaw need look no further.


This week, CanadaFashionLaw eagerly attended a presentation by Robin Lewis, hosted by FGI-Toronto.  Robin Lewis, author of the book “The New Rules of Retail”, is a retail consultant and former vice-president and executive editor of Women’s Wear Daily.  In “The New Rules of Retail”, Robin looks at the transformation of retail and what it means to the fashion and consumer products industries.


This book is a must-read if you are:

  • in the fashion industry,
  • involved in the consumer products chain,
  • are a marketing professional or
  • just want to be an informed consumer.

In his presentation, Lewis provides an oversight of his theories.  In a nutshell, the shift to consumer power, coupled with rampant globalization and significant technological developments have been retail game changers.  According to Lewis, there has been a 3-part evolution in retail.  At first, the producers called the shots.  Retail outlets were few and far between and mostly centered in urban areas.  With the shift to urbanization, the producer’s power diminished.  This period was marked by an increase in malls, specialized retail outlets and big box stores.  As media became an ever-increasing force, the onus shifted to retailers to create demand for products.  In the current stage, globalization and technological advances have taken the retail market to a whole new level.  Effective mass global manufacturing and distribution networks have created an unprecedented surge in supply, thanks to the proliferation of retail outlets or e-commerce websites.


We live in a globalized, mass marketed, consumer hungry society. 

We know that. 

But what does this mean for the business of retail?


Consumer value has shifted, going beyond the desire of quality and fair pricing.  Consumers want experiences – they want to emotionally connect to their retailer.  Lewis even went so far as to discuss the consumer’s neurological connection being tied to their retail experience. Customization is key; conformity is out.  Democratization of trends is in; exclusivity is out. Community is utmost.  Sustainability is a way of business and no longer a marketing tool. Survival of the fittest is not sufficient.  Retailers must excel in every aspect.


CanadaFashionLaw urges you to run as fast as your stiletto-clad, pedicured feet will go to pick up a copy of Robin Lewis’ “The New Rules of Retail”.