CanadaFashionLaw Grabs a Mic

Once again, CanadaFashionLaw is out there on the speaking circuit. If you’re interested in learning about branding, you can catch CanadaFashionLaw at any of the following events in November:

1. Queen’s Business Forum on the Fashion Industry (November 16)

CanadaFashionLaw returns to the QBFFI to chat with fashion industry players and students on protecting against fashion design piracy.

2. MaRS Enterpreneurship 101 (November 20)

CanadaFashionLaw returns with her Gilbert’s colleagues to advise entrepreneurs on best practices to protect (and commercialize) their creative ingenuity.

3. LAWSinAction (November 22)

CanadaFashionLaw is delighted to be invited back to the LAWS program (this time as a key note speaker) to help high school children become better acquainted with the legal profession.


Gotta say, it feels good to give back!

Hope to see you at any of these events!