Canada Reintroduces Anti-Counterfeiting Legislation

Canada’s legislature is mulling over new legislation that could assist in managing the influx of counterfeit product entering into Canada. The Bill was originally introduced as Bill C-56, entitled “Combating Counterfeit Products Act” and had to be reintroduced as Bill C-8, as Parliament was forced to reconvene. Given that this is the 2nd time around for this legislation, it is expected to pass through relatively quickly.

The bill proposes to amend the Copyright Act and Trade-marks Act. The more salient proposed amendments include:

  • allowing brand owners to register trade-marks with the border customs to enable them to seize incoming counterfeit goods
  • expanding the definition of trade-marks to include non-traditional trade-mark protection
  • streamline the trade-mark prosecution process to allow for divisionals

Now that Bill C-8 is in committee, it is hopeful that some of the practical kinks will be ironed out.

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